A few weekends ago, I had my first experience camping, and I’m not going to lie, I freaked out a little. Okay, maybe more than a little. But I think it was justified.

A small group of us went camping for a couple of days. Thankfully, only one night. We were really in the middle of nowhere. We had to do some serious off-roading to get to this remote location. We even had to break out the chain saw to cut through tree branches that fell on the road during a severe thunderstorm the night before.

As if everything wasn’t already set for the beginnings of a great horror movie, when we got to the campsite, it looked like we weren’t the only ones there. There was a beat up tarp used as a tent and there was garbage everywhere including open sardine cans in the fire pit. We actually waited several minutes before getting out of the car because we thought surely someone had to be coming back. We were eventually satisfied and set up camp after cleaning up.

The real adventure didn’t happen until that night.

At night, my imagination got the better of me.

The moonlight was so bright that night that I thought the people who we thought had abandoned the camp site returned. I thought I was going to have to fight for my life that night.

You have to understand, out there, away from everyone and everything, your senses are heightened and you hear EVERYTHING. Chipmunks, or I hope to god they were chipmunks, ran under my tent constantly. I was convinced that they were fleeing from something, and do you know what? I WAS RIGHT!!!! I heard even more movement outside of my tent before I heard nothing at all. That’s when the serial killer usually shows up, right? Or in my case, a ferocious beast, growling outside of my tent, sniffing around for food.

I should mention that I was drinking a lot. Don’t judge me, I was camping. It’s what you do. But after drinking the night away, I was dying to go to the washroom. There was no way in hell I was leaving my tent with that thing out there.

Thankfully one of my camping buddies got up to go to the washroom, and I dashed out to do the same.

I never saw what it was that was prowling around outside of my tent, but my friend said she saw a deer and a wolf that night. The wolf didn’t get the better of me that night, settling for the poor deer.

Well it was certainly an adventure for me that night, one that I’ll be sure to go on again next summer. And while my imagination may have got the better of me, it might have kept me from becoming dinner. So I’m counting that as a win in my book.


6 thoughts on “THE UNKNOWN

  1. Sleeping while camping gets much easier the more you do it. You get used to hearing sounds outside your tent. I remember one night I was trying to sleep and heard something large rustling through the leaves on the ground. I immediately grabbed my flashlight and looked outside and found……a toad. It was about the size of my fist but I had imagined something a lot bigger. I bet that first night seemed to pass very slowly for you. To be honest, the only animal I’m afraid might come lurking in the dark is a bear. Wolves usually want nothing to do with humans, especially a “pack” of humans camping. Even bears usually know to stay away from humans, but you’ll get the odd one that isn’t shy and a little curious about what food you might have. You want a better sleep next time, bring a bear horn or bear spray. You probably won’t have to use it and you’ll feel safer and sleep better knowing you have a defence should one decide to show up.
    Like in the movies when the hero sleeps with a gun under his pillow, he prays he’ll never have use it but he sleeps better knowing it’s there.

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